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The underlying principle of Intra Radice is to show our respect for biodiversity.
We are inclusive towards all the beings on this planet.

We believe in and we support our team’s personal work,with the aim of ensuring that each one becomes the best version of themselves. To that end, we integrate personal values and emphasize the aspirations that lead to success. In the words of Vishen Lakhiani: ‘People are drawn to you, not because of your business plan, but because your dream gives them hope’.
The question that we constantly ask ourselves is: according to our values, according to what satisfies us and how we want to grow, what can we alone offer the world? The answer arises naturally: we focus on innovation, creation and invention.
This requires following our own rules, devising our own objectives and developing the means to promote a better future for us, for our clients and for environmental sustainability.
We specialize in the pro-active development of microbiological processes tailored to our clients. This gives companies, technicians, dealers and users in the agricultural sector the right tools to control the composition of their biostimulants and determine their efficiency with plants and soils.
We actively participate in the formulation of strategies for the application of microorganisms, including in vitro and in vivo assays to study the potential to control phytopathogens and interactions or compatibilities with agrochemicals.


“Using microorganisms to improve harvests and the quality of soils and plants is a new, necessary trend that is expanding worldwide. It is the friendliest future for human beings and the planet”.


Wide experience in the field of new technologies

Intra Radice began as an initiative of Sonia González Méndez and Carlos Tesino Viel
Since Sonia graduated in 1978 with a degree in Microbiology from the National University of Rio Cuarto (Cordoba, Argentina), she has always sought work in positions related to soil microbiology.
Sonia received her PhD from the University of Granada, doing her dissertation at the Zaidin Experimental Station-CSIC. Indeed, the title of her doctorate is indicative of the primary objectives that she has consistently pursued: ‘Mycorrhizal Biotechnology Applied to Legumes’.

The fascinating world of beneficial bacteria and fungi and their incessant action on plants, soils and other phytopathogenic microorganisms drew her to the development of techniques capable of revealing these‘invisible processes’ to the human eye.

In the 1980s, the bulk of her career development focused, in particular, on fungi that form mycorrhizae, under the supervision and encouragement of one of the great scholars of mycorrhizae, Dr José Miguel Barea Navarro, at the Zaidin Experimental Station-CSIC in Granada, Spain.
We are the first and only assay laboratory accredited for the quantification of mycorrhizal fungi in roots and in biostimulants.
Sonia González Méndez
At this time, Sonia is a leading figure in the recognition, use and interpretation of mycorrhizal colonization in plant roots, as well as the quantification of spores and propagules in soils, substrates and biostimulants.
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She has made inroads in the use of bionutrients like amino acids, natural extracts, metabolic activators and biostimulants in general.

This interest in interpreting the effects on plants and soils has led her to develop strategies to evaluate them, using experimental assays in climatized chambers and greenhouses.

Carlos Tesino Viel
With the collaboration of Carlos, it has been possible to expand the development of greenhouse assays.
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Drawing on his skilful manual work, he has designed the construction of a phytotron for assays with special controlled irrigation, temperature and light conditions.

Silvia del Águila Pérez
Silvia joined the company as a technical trainee.
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With a Bachelor’s inBiology and a Master’sin Advances in Agrarian Biology and Aquaculture from the University of Granada and Zaidin Experimental Station-CSIC, she adapted easily to the team, acquiring the skills needed to work in the laboratory,primarily in areas related to mycorrhizae and microorganisms in general.

Andrea Medina Rodríguez
A biotechnology engineer with a Master’s in Advances in Food Technology and Quality, Andrea began as a trainee at Intra Radice to contribute to the implementation of the company quality management system.
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Her prior experience with other companies in the sector and her ability to develop assays in the area of microbiology have fully equipped her to collaborate as the director of company quality.

Cristina Castañeda Rodríguez
With a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences, one Master’s in Advances in Agrarian Biology and Aquaculture and a second Master’s in Research and Advances in Microbiology.
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Cristina recently joined the company as a technical trainee.

Francisco Javier Moreno Castillo
Owing to his training in vehicle electromechanics and his interest in computer science, Francisco Javier is the company maintenance assistant.
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He has contributed to a number of company undertakings and has also been trained in handling materials and plants for greenhouse and phytotron assays.

By integrating my personal values with those of each team member, Intra Radice has been able to evolve and transform. An interactive group has formed that, together, participates in all the company’s activities.
On 9 September 2022, Intra Radice was granted ENAC accreditation according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, No. 1462/LE2721, for mycorrhizal fungi-based biostimulants.


“We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot”

– Leonardo Da Vinci –

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